'... we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom.
A man can't ride you unless your back is bent.- MLK

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only LIGHT can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate: only LOVE can do that.

This is what life was meant to be about my wonderful self-realizing now close-to-60 friends..

"2020 - the year I found out I had more common sense than the rest of the planet, which is more scary than this data" - internet 
(I myself found that out around 2017 in the aftermath of my homeland destruction since late 2015)

Lara Hogan <-- she speaks my mind ET 21/06

Petitions - just a talking or ready to put your name down for your values?

Top Selection

Media - human freedom first

Hey! Ho! Let's go!

New Right


"If we expect others to rescue our nation for us as we go about our daily lives as mere observers to what is transpiring, or close our eyes and ears to current events, we will lose this struggle." - Levine

The United States of America - land of the free

Descent people and organizations

Great citizens

The United States of America - the sunk star

once the land of free and proud people - look what 30 years of 'politically correct' communist brainwashing techniques has done:
Making the US a failed state.. Why? Because this is how it worked back then, too. Listen well: He sent the young generation to create chaos (instigate class war - divide and rule) and then denunciation did the rest. 

Censorship USSR style

„Die einzige Art, gegen die Pest zu kämpfen, ist die Ehrlichkeit.“  - Albert Camus, 1947
Sinking civilisation in the USA  -  no defense whatsoever  -  The Undoing of American Liberty
iFascism            • is characterized by double standards   • go-funding   • white supremacist (not in intelligence) b... getting torched   • iNazis trivializing Holocaust   • ".. soziale Gesundheit der Schwarzen war 1950 größer."   
terrorists kill     • a black man  and others   Who places the bricks?.. • ..the same who pay communist to monger hatred between races  <- Worst of - mankind       • 'No borders!' supremacists insist on concrete barriers...                       Americans, take back you country in November or perish!
Tucker              "We cannot allow ourselves to become like they are. We are non animal, but we are Americans."   • total surrender   
background      • George Floyd 91M views  • murderer & victim worked - in the same Club  • media bait  • The systemic collapse of the US society has begun    
Putsch              • 100M Opfer - kritische Theorie  Neue totalitäre Ordnung Hanna Ahrendt 1951 "In einer vortotalitären Gesellschaft glaubt niemand mehr an die ‚Wahrheit‘.   ... und jeden Menschen zu verachten, der eine andere Meinung als man selbst hat."  • Gesteuert 3 Teile, anti-spiegel

iNazism - interNational Socialism

Corporate socialism - global(fasc)ism

Money and power - driving forces of all Evil

Money systems

Central Banks

Great Reset (Bretton Woods II)  or  Great Reject ?

fascism is the marriage of corporatism and politics (B. Mussolini)

The rise of economic fascism in America  Mises 21/09

Global fascism is coming - let's stop it NOW

Ways to wake up the sheepels  - expose the hidden (nonphysical) brutality

  • Totalitarianism: Can it happen in America?  <-- 5min PragerU 22/01  explains the hidden violence and monstrosity

Conspiracy Reality - uncovered

Global(fasc)ists pave the way into barbarism

Subversion of society
Well, western societies - the successful ones. Remember how rich Venezuela was? .. til the parasital ideology arrived which sloughtered MILLIONS last century

Childhood: destruction and perverse abuse

Erase or Twist History  (Orwell: then erase knowledge that it was erased..)

Global(fasc)ist agenda 

Communist slavery for the masses and Imperial Supremacy for the perverse 'Elite'

Sources and documents

Who rules

How they rule




Climate Cult --  Announced Humanocide

  • "Eminent Domian": Global(fasc)ists seize US Farmland  NN 22/01 
        Eminent domain is when a government body can acquire private property for public use, with compensation for affected landowners.”
  • Jordan Peterson 21/11 Rubin  politics of fear, religion, spirituality   

Conspiracy theories



The old days

Hygiene fascism - science abuse and health destruction

Legislation forbids to 'discriminate' physical appearance - can't have model in society any more (sporty as pre-2000s) -> more fat people, more profit for R-medicine...

Virus from Wuhan, China (Wuhan lab theory not to be suppressed any more.. dear communism apologets)


Hot spot countries

Origin of the virus
Treatment of the virus
Experimental gen-modification (of you) - they called it 'vaccine'

More experiment participants (vaxxers) get Corona, while lesser healthy people (unvaxxed) get it

Apartheid and seggregationists


Branding early on in 2020 anything referring to virus origin "China" or "Wuhan" as "racism" or "xenophobia" or "stigmatizing"  - typical communist suppression terms

Dr. Fausti (NIH Tsar since **1984** - HIV) and his wife

Population in the West


Freedom and democracy activists

Documentation  - Documentaries - Texts - Movies - Videos

Simple man

„Nun aber bleiben Glaube, Hoffnung, Liebe, diese drei;-aber die Liebe ist die größte-unter ihnen.“

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